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Home > What's New > Bronze Guides in Cast Iron Cylinder Heads.
  • Bronze Guides in Cast Iron Cylinder Heads.2012-06-06
  • Back within the early days of my business I had a really sad client and, to create matters worse, the client was a lawyer, not an honest combination. Our lawyer friend brought me an MGB with its engine, in boxes with a full bunch of recent components and asked me to reassemble it and place it into his automotive. He had had varied components of the engine rebuilt together with the carburetors and also the Cast Iron Cylinder head, that sported innovative bronze valve guides however had set that he lacked the time, or skills to complete the work himself. when negotiating a worth for the work and using his components, I reassembled the engine and place it into the automotive. It ran well and he was terribly happy when he picked the automotive up on a Friday night with a read of driving it directly up to his cottage. i used to be over somewhat stunned upon my arrival at work the subsequent Monday morning to seek out the automotive dropped within the driveway of the search with a note written {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a really} distinctly cool tone on the driver’s seat and a very seized engine. It seems that there's somewhat of a hill on the highway route to his cottage and seconds when cresting this hill there was a loud bang from his newly rebuilt engine, followed immediately by a squealing of tires as that engine seized and also the rear wheels locked up. It should indeed are somewhat scary within the serious cottage traffic and that i may appreciate the rationale for the man’s ire.
    Various lawyers letters flowed back and forth all of that culminated in a very little claims court claim being filed. I disassembled the engine and located that #3 exhaust valve had had the highest of the piston and caused unimaginable indignities to the remainder of the engine. I studied that engine in intense detail before I puzzled out the sequence of events that resulted in its failure.

    Many when market suppliers extol the virtues of the bronze or silicone bronze valve guides that they sell and, though these could wear marginally additional slowly than forged iron valve guides, it's my belief that bronze of any sort isn't a perfect material to use for exhaust valve guides in forged iron heads.

    This is a simplified cross section of a guide put in into a Cast Iron Cylinder head.

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