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Home > What's New > How to Hone a Motorcycle Cylinder
  • How to Hone a Motorcycle Cylinder2012-06-14
  • Motorcycle cylinder block honing is as an extraordinary offer fine art since it is science. Subtle variations within of the common honing method allow the mechanic to cut back materials using the cylinder bore to straighten or legitimate the bore collectively with correcting minor out-of-round conditions. Rigid hones with three or 4 stones mounted on articulated fingers hold out the materials removing operations. Ball hones, or flex hones, are utilized to position the last crosshatch pattern near to the cylinder walls. This crosshatch facilitates retain lubricating essential oil near to the cylinder wall to stay obvious of piston galling and helps in new piston ring break-in.


    1. placement the cylinder in between the torque plates. Torque the plate bolts to compress the cylinder based on factory specifications. Wipe all essential oil using the within inside of the cylinder. Clamp the bottom torque plate using the bench vise on the plates clamp tab.

    2. Determine the cylinder with that-gauges or dial-bore indicator along using the micrometer. Create a sequence of 6 measurements. Determine the top, center and bottom within of the cylinder on the two tie And Y axes. These measurements will reflect the straightness and roundness within of the cylinder bore.

    3. Chuck the rigid hone up using the drill motor. Discharge the hone adjuster to collapse the hone. Refreshing the stones getting a rag then lightly essential oil the stones. Tighten the hone adjuster right up until gentle drag is felt in between the hone along using the bore. Insert the hone to the cylinder bore. Squirt some honing essential oil onto the cylinder walls in between the stones.

    4. Run the drill engine and deliver the RPMs as an extraordinary offer as method speed. Precede the hone up and straight down using the cylinder. Plunge and retrieve the hone only enough to make certain the fact that ends within of the stones barely obvious the carry out within of the cylinder. Do not allow the stones to completely obvious the carry out within of the bore, or cylinder bore and hone harm will occur.

    5. Proceed the hone up and straight down using the cylinder getting a steady motion. Insure the fact that resulting scratches using the cylinder walls that will type the crosshatch pattern intersect every other at a60 level angle. Modify your drill pace and movement pace right up until that is achieved. Pause slightly within your hone movement, not getting stopping rotation, using the areas revealed for getting scaled-down in diameter by your measurements. Modifying the quest allows you to definitely create the moment in time adjustments required to legitimate and round the bore. Essential oil the cylinder over a common time frame all through this treatment with honing essential oil to stay obvious of the cylinder from heating up or drying out.

    Withdraw the hone totally and determine the cylinder to confirm in your progress. Start using the flex-hone once the cylinder actions legitimate and round. Chuck up the flex-hone and insert it to the bore. Squirt some honing essential oil to the bore and rotate the hone at method speed. Precede the flex-hone up and straight down using the cylinder using precisely the very same movement since the rigid hone to attain the sixty level crosshatch. Hold on this movement right up until a nice, steady crosshatch pattern is established. Remove the hone and wipe the cylinder walls nicely getting a refreshing store rag to cut back any metal, salt or stone fragments. Remove the torque plates using the cylinder.

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