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Home > What's New > How to Repair a Motorcycle Cylinder Head
  • How to Repair a Motorcycle Cylinder Head2012-04-25

    Motorcycle Cylinder heads are made from cast aluminum alloy that house tempered steel components. Other than the engines pistons,the moving parts in a motorcycle cylinder head are subject to the highest degree of wear. While most heads can be repaired, sometimes it may be more cost-effective to replace the head. Repairing a motorcycles cylinder head occurs in a motorcycle machine shop. The procedure includes a thorough evaluation, performing the necessary machining and servicing the valves, valve guides and valve springs.
    Motorcycle Cylinder Block for HONDA (TITAN150)
    1 Remove the valve springs, valve guides,valve seals and valves. Remove any broken studs or bolts. 
    2 Inspect the cylinder head closely for cracks. 
    3 Steam clean the cylinder head to remove carbon, oil and dirt from all surfaces, crevices and the valve stem ports.
    4 Subject the cylinder head to a magnaflux inspection. Magnetic particle inspection is the most effective method of detecting hairline cracks and casting imperfections. Certain imperfections canbe corrected by milling or resurfacing the head. Fill surface hairline cracks by brazing. Mill or resurface the head to remove casting imperfections.
    5 Mount the Motorcycle Cylinder head at a workstation. Hone and polish the valve ports and valve seats. Honing provides precision alignment of valves and valve guides by correcting minor distortions that result from excessive heat.
    6 Clean the valves using a fine grindingwheel.
    7 Check the valve springs on a compression tester. The springs must meet or exceed the specified tension. Replace the valve springs, if necessary.
    8 Assemble the cylinder head.


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