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  • Motorcycle Tools Review2012-02-16
  • Summertime is the prime Honda Motorcycle Accessories riding season.  It's also the time for motorcycle repair projects, regular maintenance and washing and polishing tasks.  We're in the process of doing a monster review of many different motorcycle cleaners and polishes, but in the meantime, we thought we'd let you know about some handy new tools in use around the shop.

    Sure, there are nicer looking tools, and some professional mechanics complain that the chamfer on Craftsman box wrenches is too wide, possibly allowing the wrench to slip off of a nut or bolt.  I've never found this to be the case, and I wonder if this is a barb tossed at Sears to help justify the expense of a set of Snap-On wrenches, which probably cost twice as much.

    You can pay a lot more or you can pay a lot less, but Craftsman tools are a pretty good value for the average motorcycle cylinder repair or maintenance tasks performed in the home garage.  Sears has dozens of sales during the year, and if you're patient, you'll probably get the tools you need at a deep discount.  Join the Craftsman Club for no charge, and you'll get an extra sale catalog once a month with special deals for club members only.

    I have a set of Craftsman metric box end wrenches and another set of their metric 12 point combination wrenches, so I guess I'm all set in the wrench department.  I've found that it's important to have at least two sets of wrenches for the many jobs that need a wrench on the nut and a wrench on the bolt.

    The Craftsman 6 point combination wrench set is nicely made and works well.  I feel more confident muscling a stubborn nut when I know that the wrench has more grips on the metal corners.  I wish these wrenches were a bit thinner and had slightly more angle on the heads, but they work fine for most of the projects in my garage.

    These are some very handy tools to have around the garage for motorcycle cylinder repair.  I'm especially pleased with the 1/4" drive socket set, which I think gives me a much better feel for torque and hopefully will prevent stripped nuts and bolts.  The magnetic parts trays are also invaluable and recommended.  It's harder to evaluate the usefulness of the 6 point wrenches, but I needed an extra set anyway and I feel more comfortable knowing that the 6 points have a better grip on the work.

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