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Home > What's New > Piston Ring Failure - Causes and Prevention
  • Piston Ring Failure - Causes and Prevention2012-02-29
  • An engine owning a 2800 rpm rating, with minor vibrations at that large speed, might have additional panic assaults & strain on inner engine parts. Other compared to vibrations pointed out above, the utilized cylinder liner alone is broken, with microscopic indentations, scratches, & donned out sections. This contributes to an uneven surface area the fact that new piston rings call up for to proceed up & reducing in at 2800 rpm.

    My evaluation led to lots of relevant discoveries, specifically right after a specific purchaser enquired for genuine Caterpillar Piston Rings, not the rings introduced to him. Small that that purchaser understands the fact that rings introduced to him have been produced with the identical institution that is on contract for Caterpillar. The first mistake that is made that contributes to main ring failure, could be the seemingly financial benefit, of altering the piston rings only, however, the piston pin, piston pin retainer, as well as the cylinder liners are left inside the utilized condition. These reused parts have clearances because of normal positioned on close to the metal parts that contributes to slight but everlasting vibrations inside the whole engine. These practically invisible vibrations will direct to premature positioned on all parts, & most importantly, toward the vibration inside the rings close to the piston head.

    It is not unusual therefore, that equally OEM & aftermarket firms do not provide a be positive for rings which have been altered devoid of also altering another inner parts, namely the cylinder liner, piston, piston pin, & piston pin retainer.

    It is this phenomenon that contributes to premature ring failure. Piston rings from genuine firms like Caterpillar & Cummins, will fail prematurely on this situations. Aftermarket piston rings from other reputable firms will fail prematurely in these situations. The trouble is in reused cylinder liners, & never piston rings.

    While particular institution ensures applies, the majority of them will hold into account this exercise as voiding the warranty. The advised point to do, even although it's merely a tiny very much more expensive, can be to alter all inside the liner kits in the identical time. It’s very much more work, it's merely a tiny very much more money, however, the last results are much better engine performance, much less breakdown possibility, much less fuel consumption, much less pollution and GHG emissions, as well as probably the most essential part, very much more peace of views for the owner/manager.

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